Agenda 20 JUN 2020


France and the United States will share the leading role in the fourth edition of Conecta FICTION, which will be held between June 22 and 25, at the Baluarte Congress Center in Pamplona-Iruña.

  • Starts
    20 JUN 2020
  • Ends
    25 JUN 2020
Baluarte, Palacio de Congresos y Auditorio de Navarra

The fourth edition Conecta FICTION once again has the support of the Government of Navarra through NICDO (Navarra of Infrastructures of Culture, Sports and Leisure) and SODENA (Development Society of Navarra) and the SGAE Foundation, with the collaboration of CLAVNA (Audiovisual Cluster of Navarra) and NAPAR (Association of Producers and Professionals of Audiovisual of Navarra). The design and production of the event will remain in the hands of Inside Content.

Mapa del evento