13 FEB 2020


In a Move to Strengthen its Brand Portfolio and Brighten the Toy Aisle, Never Wrong Toys Makes the Decision to Acquire Laser Pegs.


Leaders in the action games and novelties category, Never Wrong Toys and Markan Industrial Group Ltd., are proud to announce their first strategic acquisition of iconic brand Laser Pegs.

Never Wrong Toys jumped at the opportunity to acquire Laser Pegs, best known for their illuminating construction toys, to grow the company and revamp its position in the market with a fresh approach to marketing strategies and retail distribution.

“I’ve always felt like there was something special about this brand,” said Eva Wong, General Manager of Never Wrong Toys. “It gives off a unique yet attractive and exciting feel, which is why we felt that Laser Pegs would be a great brand to acquire; we are very excited to brighten up the construction aisle.”

Eva Wong’s expertise comes from years of business development experience at top-tier companies in the sector. She is well-versed and ready to take on this new venture.

“We are excited and ready for Laser Pegs to be reimagined and back on top of the construction toy market,” said Ross Smith, Chief Revenue Officer of Laser Pegs. “We are grateful to be working with a distinguished toy company like Never Wrong Toys and can’t wait to see what’s in store.”

Ross’s comprehensive industry knowledge stems from years of working with leading toy and video-game companies. Dedicated to Laser Pegs since 2016, Smith will be an integral asset of Never Wrong Toys plan to take the company to the next level.