11 JAN 2021


The services' top competitors, Netflix and Amazon Prime Video, saw subscriber losses a result of alternative SVOD deals offered by competitors.


A recent Q4 2020 streaming report released by The Reelgood for Business, indicated that HBO Max and Disney+ saw significant growth in streaming activity shares this past quarter, with HBO Max's growth potentially resulting in its ability to surpass its competitor, Hulu. 

The report analyzed 32 million streaming TV and film interactions from 2 million monthly active users in the US for over 150 streaming services enabled by its consumer app and catalog data. SVOD services redeemed themselves after three month of slowed growth. This year's slate will premiere on both the HBO streaming platform and in cinema. Though they still reached a top spot, giant streamers like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video saw subscriber losses a result of alternative SVOD deals offered by competitors, according to the researcher. 

Reelgood 8Jan2021


The study also showed that transactional-based VOD systems are also increasing. In the TVOD sector, the cinema industry has struggled despite the continuance of studio releases, with titles becoming available directly in customer's home through VOD services. The traditional rent/buy sector, however, also saw spikes during 2020. By contrast, advertising VOD services saw minor losses during the quarter even as leading AVOD platform Tubi acquired a 35% share of all ad-supported viewing toward the end of the year. The report revealed increased engagement for more than a third of all AVOD platforms.

Some of the shows slated for this year are projected to have a strong debut, such as Warner tentpole film "Wonder Woman 1984," which enjoyed the strongest opening weekend performance on any SVOD platform for the entire Q4, followed by Soul and Borat Subsequent Moviefilm. In addition to Wonder Woman, HBO Max saw success with  "Elf," "Die Hard," and "A Christmas Story." "Nicole Kidman and Hugh Grant" led "The Undoing" and "The Flight Attendant" also came through. Disney+ received massive viewershipwith the "Mandalorian" along with "Soul," "The Simpsons Home Alone," and "Mulan." Disney+ received massive traction with the "Mandalorian" along with "Soul," "The Simpsons Home Alone," and "Mulan."