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capitulos : 95x45' estreno : 1 ENE 1970
  • genero: Drama Series
  • network: OGM PICTURES
  • country: Turkey

Zeynep is born in a poor family with few opportunities in life. Her father is an alchoholic, the mother week and the brother dies due to lack of medical treatment. Her faith turns when the family where the mother works as a cleaning lady offers to adopt her and the parents agree in lack of alternatives to give their daughter a better life. She will learn, be loved and surrounded by beautiful things; but will always carry a feeling of not belonging. The poor and innocent  Zeynep will turn into a clever, educated and beautiful young woman, engaged to get married to the dream man from the top of societey. However, this fairytale will come end when her birth mother shows up to re-gain control of her daughters life and bring her back to the home where she was born. The series has delivered extraordinary ratings on TV8 in Turkey and is already confirmed for a 2nd season. The drama is produced by OGM Pictures, a company run by Onur Güvenatam (Producer behind Netflix hits such as The Protector and The Gift as well as long running series Evermore, Wounded Love and Queen of the Night).