19 ABR 2021


The BB-Business Bureau's meta-registrar, FlickShow, is globally certified to provide EIDR IDs to audiovisual producers and distributors.


The market research company BB-Business Bureau's meta-registrar, FlickShow, becomes one of the two worldwide certified companies to provide Entertinment Indifier Registry Association (EDIR) IDs to audiovisual producers and distributors.

EIDR is a non-profit association founded by Movie Labs, Cable Labs, Comcast, and TiVo. This is to simplify key activities in the entertainment supply chain.

Like ISBNs (International Standard Book Number) for books, EIDR IDs are a unique, global commercial numerical identifier for each of the registered titles. These IDs are a key resource and solution for audiovisual producers and distributors when it comes to identifying and marketing their content.

Among the benefits, are to increase the efficiency of the supply chain since it eliminates translations between identification systems, reducing the risk of misidentification and improving both the tracking of their titles and the match between their titles and the metadata of the databases.

On the other hand, it also gives the possibility of accessing value-added services such as: monitoring and accurate reports of rights, search and discovery of simplified titles, detailed consumption metrics for each title.

"This partnership is a unique opportunity and a competitive advantage for BB-Business Bureau and FlickShow. Becoming one of the two authorized companies to provide EIDR IDs worldwide talks about our commitment to the audiovisual industry, and how solid, and reliable our company is," said Tomás Gennari, BB-Business Bureau and FlickShow’s CEO.