30 NOV 2022

French productions represented 5.4% of global SVOD platforms

France is the 4th most represented production country on SVOD platforms in the world, according to Unifrance report.


Unifrance has published its market indicator detailing the position of French films and audiovisual programs (stand-alone and series), all genres combined (fiction, animation, documentary) on SVOD platforms around the world in 2022.

As video-on-demand platforms account for a growing share of the revenues of French film and audiovisual program exporters, French productions naturally occupy an increasingly large space on subscription video-on-demand platforms. Hence, French productions represented 5.4% of the catalog of SVOD platforms worldwide in July 2022, excluding France. In total, more than 6,700 distinct French works are present on SVOD platforms worldwide.

France is the 4th most represented country of production on SVOD platforms in the world. In comparison, American, British, and Indian productions represent 38.0%, 6.4%, and 5.5% respectively of the catalog of the platforms studied. France is thus the European and non-English-speaking production country best represented on SVOD platforms.

Unifrance's SVOD indicator report, based on Ampere Analysis data, analyzes the position of French works on more than 100 SVOD platforms in 53 territories. In addition to the macroeconomic analysis, detailed fact sheets about 32 countries and 70 platforms are also provided.