11 SEP 2020


Three out of ten US consumers have reconsidered their SVOD services due to financial struggles, while 37% said they would try new ad-supported streaming services to discover new content, and others take advantage of free trials.


Tubi released a research report in collaboration with OnePoll, revealing the spike in the usage of AVOD services, along with the dropping rate of SVOD services after the second way of Covid-19 home restrictions. A quarter of US consumers between the ages of 18 and 34, represented in the study reveal that they’ve canceled a SVOD subscription and are in favor of using AVOD services instead. 

The OnePoll online survey polled 2,000 people nationwide from 7-12th August 2020, of which 37% said they would try new ad-supported streaming services to discover new content. Over the past two months alone, the average person has binged four shows and watched 20 movies. Americans ages 25-34 increased their streaming the most this summer, and the average respondent watching an additional four hours of content a day on top of what they were watching at the start of quarantine in March or April.

With financial disparities increasing across the country, three out of ten survey respondents have reevaluated the continuance of their SVOD subscriptions. One out of four has initiated a free trial with one of the services and canceled it ahead of paying the subscription fee, with the average number of times practicing the tactic per person being three times. 17% have shared passwords with others to gain access to streamers they don’t subscribe to, and 38% of respondents 18-24 and 31% of 25-34 participating in password swaps.

Two in five parents, nearly half, believe their child spends more time streaming now than before the pandemic started. As a result of several summer activity cancellations, a third of parents were dependent on streamers to keep their child busy. 55% of respondents with children believe  TV has become an educational outlet for kids while schools are closed. Two out of five, or 39% of respondents are struggling to find new content on streamers after exhausting options earlier in quarantine, leading 35% to try a new streaming service to find different content.