10 MAY 2021


Eight out of 10 TV consumers use a streaming TV service, which is 19% higher than traditional pay tv subscription rates. The streaming spike was caused by the increased prescence of free ad-supported platforms.


 Hub Entertainment Research recently released its annual “Best Bundle” report, which analyzes the most popular combinations of TV services among consumers and how the services they pay for are fulfilling their streaming needs. The average number of services consumers are willing to pay to view has, and continues to steadily increase over the years.

The average viewer watches 5.7 different sources of TV content, including traditional pay TV service, all available streaming services, and over-the-air reception through an antenna.  The figure has surged by nearly one full service since just last year, and is almost twice as high as it was two years ago.

Approximately 8 in 10 TV consumers have acquired a streaming TV platform subscription, which is 19% higher than traditional pay TV subscription. Overall figures for traditional pay-TV has suffered by 7 points since the same period last year. The percentage using any streaming TV service is up only 2 points since last year. The main contirbutors to the increase of streaming subscription averages include an increase in the use of multiple streaming services and a greater adoption of free, ad-supported services. 

Almost 60% of all TV consumers use 2 or more of the top SVODs: Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, Disney+, or HBO Max.mThe percent using 2 or more top SVODs is up 8 points from 2020. Some of that increase is explained by the fact that HBO Max did not exist at this point in 2020, but it still demonstrates that consumers tend to add new streaming services without dropping their existing services. Another reason for the jump in the number of sources: the percent using a free, ad-supported TV service (e.g., Roku Channel, Pluto TV, the free version of Peacock) is up 8 points since last year, at 48%.

Bundle sizes are not projected to decrease, with21% of ocnsumers saying they plan to add new services in the next six months. Approxiamtely 78% say they will add platforms without deleting or replacing existing ones. A bit over half of TV consumers feel their bundle of TV services meets their needs “very well," though others cannot relate. With an average of nearly 6 TV sources at their disposal, nearly half feel their TV bundle meets their viewing needs only “somewhat well” at 42% or “not at all well” at 6%.