20 OCT 2020


The number of OTT services has doubled since 2014's figure. A recent partnership was recently established between NBCUniversal and Roku to distribute the new streaming service Peacock.


Parks Associates released information unveiled on its OTT Video Market Tracker during Q3 2020, which indicates that the number of OTT video services in the US have reached nearly 300 different services, nearly doubling the 2014 figure. The rate of closure has also declined, from a peak in 2018 when 19 services left the market, to only six ceasing operations in 2020 so far. 

According to Research Director of Parks Associates, Steve Nason, film studios had to weigh their options when considering whether to release new titles. An example he presented was the delay of the James Bond film "No Time to Die," which had a massiv enegative impact of the theater industry, along with Disney’s announcement to move the Pixar film Soul, and Disney+ shows studios focusing more on streaming as many theaters remain closed or at limited capacity. "We could see studios who also own streaming services experiment more with different transactional and windowing options within their offerings, as Disney did with Mulan on Disney+ in September," Nason said. 


The latest OTT Video Market Tracker also tracked a recent partnership between NBCUniversal and Roku to distribute the new streaming service Peacock, a positive move for both parties.“Through this partnership, NBCUniversal gets its new marquee OTT service on one of the leading streaming video platforms, and Roku gets a significant incremental revenue bump from Peacock’s advertising, no matter the split,” Nason said. “The agreement will yield large gains of users and paying subscribers for Peacock as it takes on the Big 3 in OTT and newer entrants from Disney, Apple, WarnerMedia, and ViacomCBS.”

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