10 MAR 2020


Glance just published its new VOD Landscape Report: it provides an overview of the VOD/SVOD/AVOD international market.


Through a survey of 60 international, regional and local platforms broadcasting more than 1,000 original programmes (fiction, factual and entertainment), VOD Landscape reveals the global trends of VOD worldwide, beyond the traditional countries usually analysed. Along with the Anglo-Saxon countries (with the USA and the UK at the forefront), the survey covers among other Northern Europe, Asia and more particularly China and India. It lists the available offers and original launches by genre and sub-genre, compares flagship programmes, identifies countries of production and producers, etc.

Alongside a global image of the players, the report analyses the platform models (AVOD/SVOD) and the arrival of new players.

Focus on 20 star platforms

Twenty detailed platform ID cards provide key information: number of launches of original series, their evolution and countries of production. They indicate the strategy of the main players: for example, that whereas Netflix has multiplied the volume of its original series produced outside the US by 6 in 2 years, C More (Sweden, Finland, Denmark and Norway) relies more on regional productions, which make up 92% of the original production proposed by the platform to its viewers. Or that Tencent Video, the Chinese platform launched in 2011, now occasionally relies on western producers, in particular British producers, to enrich its offer of original creations.

“The environment is both dynamic and competitive and continues to develop on a worldwide, regional and local scale; Glance’s VOD Landscape report provides unique information enabling platforms, TV channels, producers and distributors to detect import and export opportunities of original creations offered by the various platforms. A real tool for a global understanding of these new forms of content distribution”, sums up Frédéric Vaulpré, Glance’s Vice-Président.