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Content 21 MAR 2022

Gusto TV's new show "VegHeadz" to debut in Canada

21 MAR 2022
Hosted by Chef Pino Di Cerbo, the TV series will premiere on Bell Media’s CTV Life Channel in April and on Gusto TV’s 33 distribution platforms over the world.

Content 3 MAR 2022

Gusto TV to globally premiere "Up the Dish" original series

3 MAR 2022
The new culinary show co-hosted by four chefs reworks a classic recipe and presents three variations of the iconic dish.

Content 25 FEB 2022

"Spice Secrets" is the new culinary show of Gusto TV

25 FEB 2022
Co-hosted by chefs Shahir Massoud and Jasmin Rose Ibrahim, the 10-episode project will feature a variety of spice applications, techniques and unexpected combinations.

Events 18 FEB 2022

Gusto TV have been nominated to the Taste Awards

18 FEB 2022
"CombiNation Plates" has been recognized for Best Ethnic Lifestyle Series - Program or Film, while "One Big Recipe" has been nominated for Best Series Pilot.

Content 10 FEB 2022

Gusto TV expands in China throughout a deal with WhaleLive platform

10 FEB 2022
WhaleLive viewers will soon have access to Gusto TV’s diverse award-winning cooking series and culinary line-up.