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Research 12 AUG 2021

Disney bundle keeps the company at the head of the streaming pack

12 AUG 2021
Disney continues to lead the American entertainment industry in corporate demand share, and Disney+ has become the third most in-demand platform for original content in the United States and around the world, according to Parrot Analytics.

Research 9 AUG 2021

What were the most demanded series in the US in July?

9 AUG 2021
Parrot Analytics revealed which were the most outstanding series in the country by contextualizing each title within the market and stating the show's performance as a difference from the average demand for a series.

Research 9 AUG 2021

¿Cuáles fueron las series más populares en Estados Unidos en julio?

9 AUG 2021
Parrot Analytics reveló cuáles fueron las series más demandadas del país contextualizando cada título dentro del mercado y analizando el rendimiento de cada show en relación a la demanda promedio de una serie.

Digital 9 AUG 2021

Parrot Analytics partners with YouTube and Google TV

9 AUG 2021
YouTube and Google TV have incorporated Parrot Analytics’ global audience demand data and entertainment consulting services to help make insight-driven content decisions.

Research 3 AUG 2021

Warner & Discovery combined demand share is set to rival Disney

3 AUG 2021
The planned Warner Bros Discovery merged company is set to be near the top of the industry when it comes to corporate demand share, according to new data from Parrot Analytics.