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Interviews 14 OCT 2021

Haymi Behar: “Every product we launch is designed with the consumer in mind”

14 OCT 2021
The CMO at SPI International explains the recent expansion of its customizable portfolio of content solutions, which now features platforms such as Filmstream, Filmbox+, and its latest addition, Dizi.

Content 20 SEP 2021

Canal+ Group to acquire a majority stake in SPI International

20 SEP 2021
Canal+ will acquire a 70% majority stake in SPI International while keeping the current management team and operational structure in place.

Digital 7 SEP 2021

SPI International launches new streaming service, Dizi

7 SEP 2021
The company will continue the progress of the digital streaming service combining a linear channel experience with on-demand content offerings from Turkey and other regions.

Digital 3 SEP 2021

SPI International secured new launches in the Netherlands and Poland

3 SEP 2021
The company has initiated a partnership with Delta and Caiway to launch Filmbox in the Dutch region, and with UPC to begin offering Dizi in Poland as part of the company's pursuit to successfully establish its presence in the Dutch and Polish pay-tv markets.

Digital 13 AUG 2021

SPI International Filmbox+ suprasses one million global subscribers

13 AUG 2021
The service's extensive reach is mainly attributed to its 10 major European operating partnerships and 700+ operating partners around the world, as well as a wide array of content offerings.