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Content 10 JAN 2022

Winsing animation series "Gogobus" launches in Israel

10 JAN 2022
The animated hit series will be premiered on major TV stations and VOD platforms in Israel early this year as well as the toys of the series will be available on Israelis shelves.

Content 26 NOV 2021

Winsing Animation will attend ATF Online next month

26 NOV 2021
The company is attending the ATF Online 2021 event from December on, and will be presenting its new series “GG: Kung Fu Pork Choppers” and the upcoming feature film “Ocean Mission”.

Events 4 NOV 2021

AFM 2021: Winsing Animation highlights GG Bond’s films

4 NOV 2021
The Chinese company is also presenting Iron Fan Studio, specializes in high-end production services including animation, digital entertainment, AR, VR and other special films.

Content 20 OCT 2021

Winsing Animation expands its digital contents to kids audio book

20 OCT 2021
Apart from animation TV series, the company has created different audio content series such as "The Adventure of GG Bond", "Metalions" and "GOGOBUS" in China.

Events 1 OCT 2021

Mipcom 2021: Winsing Animation will have a digital participation this year

1 OCT 2021
Chinese leading company will highlight established hit programs such as "GOGOBUS" and "Team S.T.E.A.M.!", as well as the new title "GG Bond: Kung Fu Pork Choppers".