20 MAR 2020


Journalistic coverage is extended, interrupting programs and soap operas; Globoplay, available in the United States, will have content released and reinforcement in local news through newsletters.

Globo is following the developments in Covid-19 and taking measures that can help to contain the progress of this pandemic. The company is aware of the importance of its content to bring fun and, especially at this moment, information for Brazilians and Portuguese speakers who will be increasingly at home in the coming days. Taking into account the safety of its teams and Globo's commitment to society, several decisions were made and some of them the public will see reflected in its relationship with the content of journalism, sports and entertainment, on Globo's international channels and on Globoplay, available in the United States.

As in Brazil, in its channels in the Americas, Europe and Africa, Globo is greatly increasing the presence of journalism, causing the suspension of some programs and the change of time for others. Globoplay in the United States has also been providing more information and news to non-subscribers with the opening of the GloboNews signal for 15 days and the production of exclusive news bulletins.

The soap operas had their recordings paralyzed in Brazil, which will compromise their exhibitions. Some will end early and others will have to be stopped. Why are we doing this? Because avoiding physical contact is fundamental in society's strategy to contain the spread of the virus. And there are no novels without hugs, handshakes, kisses, parties, fight scenes, love scenes, scenes of affection, everything that reflects real life, but that, today, cannot be staged safely. By interrupting the recordings, we protect our talents and, at the same time, the society: avoiding contagion here, we prevent it from spreading outside. Our first commitment is to the health of our employees and the public.

Journalism will continue to operate, and more and more. Because it is possible to do journalism, mitigating risks, avoiding physical contacts and redoubling hygiene measures. Like so-called social detachment - avoiding physical contact - information is one of the most powerful weapons against the virus. And Globo's journalism will make its contribution.

To guarantee fun in this situation that we live in, when people will be at home for a longer time, we will exhibit great recent successes from Globo in a compact edition. ‘Novo Mundo’, ‘Totalmente Demais’ and ‘Fina Estampa’ will once again become part of the daily lives of the audience that follows Globo.

Specific strategies are being outlined for each moment and each international channel and all decisions made will be disclosed in a transparent manner. Always taking into account the interests and needs of your audience, your employees and your business partners.

Changes at Globo Américas

‘Hora 1’ started airing an hour later, at 7 am (New York time) and delivering to ‘Bom Dia Brasil’, which also starts later, at 9 am, and becomes bigger. After the newscast, ‘Combate ao Coronavírus’ is broadcast, a new program focused on the pandemic. Anchored in São Paulo, Brazil, by journalist Márcio Gomes, the program has the daily participation of two specialists in the studio to answer questions from the public. Presenters and reporters from all over Brazil and the world will bring the latest information on the progress of the disease: data, statistics and guidelines from public authorities, in a clear and well-didactic way to keep the population up to date.
The 'Jornal Hoje' goes live, at 12:30 pm and also has a longer duration. Studio I starts early, at 2pm. After ‘Vale a Pena Ver de Novo’, O Álbum da Grande Família’ recalls some of the remarkable episodes of the Silva family, followed by 'Malhação: Toda Forma de Amar'. The novel 'Éramos Seis', written by Angela Chaves and with artistic direction by Carlos Araujo, will air later, at 19h.
With the changes in time and duration of various programs, temporarily ‘Mais Você’, ‘Encontro com Fátima Bernardes’, ‘Jornal GloboNews Edição das 10h’, ‘Globo Esporte’ and ‘Se Joga’ will not be shown.
From the 30th, with the end of ‘Éramos Seis’, written by Angela Chaves and with artistic direction by Carlos Araujo, a ‘Novo Mundo’ compact will be shown. Written by Thereza Falcão and Alessandro Marson and with artistic direction by Vinicius Coimbra, the novel portrays the transformation of Brazil with the arrival of the Portuguese royal family. The plot is set in the period that precedes the story of 'Nos Tempos do Imperador', the next soap opera to occupy the track, by the same creators.
'Salve-se Quem Puder', written by Daniel Ortiz, with artistic direction by Fred Mayrink, will be on the air until Saturday, the 28th, when there will be a pause in its exhibition. On March 30, a compact version of ‘Totalmente Demais’ will be released at that time, written by Rosane Svartman and Paulo Halm and with the artistic direction of Luiz Henrique Rios.
‘Amor de Mãe’, written by Manuela Dias, with artistic direction by José Luiz Villamarim, will be shown until Saturday, the 21st, when its first phase reaches its peak. The second stage of the novel will be temporarily suspended and, starting on Monday, the 23rd, a compact version of ‘Fina Estampa’ will be aired, written by Aguinaldo Silva and directed by Wolf Maia.
On weekends, programming in the United States will also change. On Saturday, the 21st, 'Globo Notícias Américas' debuts on a new day and time, after 'Éramos Seis'. The 'Jornal Nacional' will be bigger and football matches will be canceled.
Globoplay, available in the United States since January, is making various content available to non-subscribers in the next 15 days. Since Tuesday (17), several children's titles such as 'Detetives do Prédio Azul’, ‘Escola de Gênios’, ‘Bob Zoom’ and ’Valentins’ are open. Series like ‘Shippados’ and all ‘Malhação’ seasons are also included in the package, in addition to GloboNews programming, with an open signal since Wednesday (18). In addition, to bring more public information about Covid-19 to the Brazilian community in the United States, journalist Mila Burns will present newsletters produced locally.

Portugal: Globo and Globo Now

With the end of 'Éramos Seis', starting on April 13, the Globo channel in Portugal will start showing the compact of the soap opera 'Novo Mundo'.
In Globo Now, a channel focused on news, sports and variety, the changes in the schedule will bring more journalism and information about Covid-19 to subscribers. From this Wednesday (18), 'Hour 1' starts earlier, at 12pm (Portugal time), followed by 'Bom Dia Brasil', which will start at 2pm and will be longer. Following, the channel shows the new program 'Combate ao Coronavirus', totally dedicated to the pandemic. At 6:30 pm the 'Jornal Hoje' goes on air, with a longer duration. Globo Now will also feature the premieres of 'Estúdio I' at 9 pm and 'GloboNews em Pauta' at 8 am.
Over the weekend, more changes: on Saturday, 'Como Será?' will air later, at 10:30. The program will continue with the regional special 'Bora Lá', 'É de Casa', 'Só Toca Top' and 'Caldeirão do Huck'. 'Jornal Hoje' goes on the air early, at 6 pm, followed by 'O Melhor da Escolinha'. The 'Jornal Nacional' will be longer, 50 minutes long.
On Sunday, 'The Voice Kids' starts early, at 10:45. Then the programs 'Terra de Minas', 'Terra da Gente', 'Globo Rural' and ‘Pequenas Empresas, Grandes Negócios' will be presented. 'Domingão do Faustão', 'Auto Esporte' and 'Esporte Espetacular' will be on the air later, starting at 2:30 pm.
With the changes in the schedule grid, 'Mais Você', 'Encontro com Fátima Bernardes', 'Jornal da GloboNews' - Edição das 10h e das 18h, 'Se Joga' and football matches are temporarily suspended.

Globe in Africa

News coverage starts at 8:30 am (Luanda time), with the program “Combate ao Coronavirus”, followed by 'GloboNews em Pauta', starting at 10 am. An hour later, at 1 pm, 'Hora 1' comes on the air, followed by 'Vale a Pena Ver de Novo'. The 'Jornal Hoje' will be shown earlier, at 6:30 pm, and will have a longer duration. The 'Jornal Nacional' will also gain more space on the grid, with 50 minutes in length.
On weekends, the public will also have a different schedule. On Saturdays, the 'Globo Esporte' and football matches will no longer be shown and the 'Jornal Nacional' will be longer. On Sundays, 'Pequenas Empresas, Grandes Negócios' will air later, at 10:30 am, followed by 'Globo Rural' and 'É de Casa'. 'The Voice Kids', 'Domingão do Faustão', 'Auto Esporte' and 'Esporte Espetacular' will also be aired later, at 14h35.
The soap opera schedule will also undergo changes. On March 23, the first phase of 'Amor de Mãe'. will come to an end. In its place comes the 'Fina Estampa' compact. And on March 31, the compacts from 'Novo Mundo' and Totalmente Demais' replace 'Éramos Seis' and 'Salve-se Quem Puder', respectively.
The exhibitions of 'Mais Você', 'Encontro com Fátima Bernardes', 'Globo Esporte' and 'Se Joga' are temporarily suspended.
On the Globo On channel, the soap opera 'Totalmente Demais', which premiered on March 21 and now joins the Globo channel's replacements, was replaced by 'I Love Paraisópolis'.