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Research 14 ENE 2022

NBCUniversal selects iSpot.tv as a partner for audience measurement development

14 ENE 2022
The alternate ratings measurement process will consist of measuring traditional linear, streaming and time-shifted viewing on a second-by-second basis.

Contenidos 10 DIC 2021

“La usurpadora, the musical” inicia grabaciones en Jalisco, México

10 DIC 2021
El director Santiago Limón y el productor Matt Walden, dieron el claquetazo oficial de esta historia musical, producida por Pantelion Films y The Lift Entertainment, es protagonizada por Alan Estrada, director Santiago Limón e Isabella Castillo.

Research 6 DIC 2021

Is traditional TV’s golden age near the beginning of its end in the UK?

6 DIC 2021
In the United Kingdom, 2022 will be the final year that traditional television from broadcasters, whether live, time-shifted, or on demand, collectively makes up more than 50% of video viewing on all screens, Deloitte Global predicted.

Contenidos 3 DIC 2021

Pantelion Films y The Lift Entertainment convierten a “La usurpadora” en película musical

3 DIC 2021
“La usurpadora, the musical” es una adaptación musical moderna de una de las telenvoelas más populares de la historia, incluirá 15 musicales latinos y será protagonizada por Isabella Castillo y Alan Estrada.

Content 3 DIC 2021

More Spanish-dubbed GMA Dramas premiere in Latin America

3 DIC 2021
In Ecuador, “Sa Piling ni Nanay,” “The Half Sisters,” and “Madrasta” premiered this 2021. In the Dominican Republic, “Bihag,” “The Gift,” and “Impostora” also premiered this year.