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Research 14 ABR 2022

¿Cómo evolucionó la oferta y demanda del contenido OTT en México?

14 ABR 2022
El Instituto Federal de Telecomunicaciones (IFT) divulgó el "Reporte de Oferta y Demanda de OTTs de Contenidos Audiovisuales en México 2021".

Research 12 ABR 2022

Are US consumers overwhelmed by the number of OTT services?

12 ABR 2022
Streaming service consumption is expected to grow in the United States, although nearly half of audiences (46%) feel overwhelmed by the growing number of services and platforms, according to data from Nielsen.

Research 7 ABR 2022

Advertisers in the United States spend US$1 billion per month on OTT

7 ABR 2022
US advertisers spend a combined average of US$1 billion per month in their effort to reach consumers via OTT channels, according to Pathmatics’ latest report.

Content 6 ABR 2022

Strong Studios appoints new leadership team

6 ABR 2022
Scott Weinstock was named EVP of Development & Production, while Melissa Traub was appointed as VP of Marketing & Development.

Research 6 ABR 2022

Is Netflix still the biggest OTT in terms of viewers?

6 ABR 2022
This year, 35.0% of the world’s subscription OTT video service users will be watching Netflix, which amounts to 658.0 million viewers, according to eMarketer latest report.