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Research 21 ENE 2022

Are HBO Max, Disney+ and Apple TV+ cutting into Netflix's market share?

21 ENE 2022
Netflix’s global and US digital original demand shares hit record lows yet again in Q4 2021, although the resurgence of its international original content helped keep the losses much smaller than in previous quarters in 2021, Parrot Analytics said.

Research 17 DIC 2021

Which were the most demanded series in Colombia in November?

17 DIC 2021
Parrot Analytics revealed which were the most outstanding series in the country by contextualizing each title within the market and stating the show's performance as a difference from the average demand for a series.

Research 17 DIC 2021

¿Cuáles fueron los shows más populares en Colombia en noviembre?

17 DIC 2021
Parrot Analytics reveló cuáles fueron las series más demandadas del país contextualizando cada título dentro del mercado y analizando el rendimiento de cada show en relación a la demanda promedio de una serie.

Research 15 DIC 2021

The Formula 1 effect: Max Verstappen becomes the most in-demand athlete

15 DIC 2021
After overtaking seven-time champion Lewis Hamilton on the final lap of the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix to win his first Formula One World Championship, Verstappen has become the most in-demand athlete in the world, Parrot Analytics revealed.

Research 13 DIC 2021

Canadian content among most in-demand non-US content with global audiences

13 DIC 2021
Canadian TV series accounted for 5.2% of the demand share for all non-US content with global audiences, good for the sixth best performance out of more than 80 markets, according to research conducted by Parrot Analytics.