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Research 8 SEP 2021

“La Casa de Papel” becomes the most in-demand TV show in the world

8 SEP 2021
Anticipation for the new season of “La Casa de Papel” was so high that the show knocked “The Walking Dead” out of its hold on first place worldwide on September 2, according to new data from Parrot Analytics.

Research 3 SEP 2021

AMC’s “The Walking Dead” is the most in-demand TV series in the world

3 SEP 2021
AMC’s post-apocalyptic series “The Walking Dead” has been the most in-demand TV series in the world across all platforms since its 11th and final season debuted on August 22, according to new data from Parrot Analytics.

Research 23 AGO 2021

Parrot Analytics launches global Talent Demand measurement

23 AGO 2021
The company has further expanded its analytics suite Demand360 with the launch of Talent Demand, which offers daily updated audience demand analytics for thousands of talent across all professions.

Research 12 AGO 2021

Disney bundle keeps the company at the head of the streaming pack

12 AGO 2021
Disney continues to lead the American entertainment industry in corporate demand share, and Disney+ has become the third most in-demand platform for original content in the United States and around the world, according to Parrot Analytics.

Research 9 AGO 2021

What were the most demanded series in the US in July?

9 AGO 2021
Parrot Analytics revealed which were the most outstanding series in the country by contextualizing each title within the market and stating the show's performance as a difference from the average demand for a series.