All3Media sells Wildbear Entertainment’s "Wild Winter" in China and South Korea

In China, the series premiered exclusively on YOUKU, whilst in South Korea, KBS will air the show in March.

1 MAR 2024

"Wild Winter"

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All3Media International has secured two sales in Asia for Wildbear Entertainment’s "Wild Winter", as the four-part natural history documentary. In China, the series premiered exclusively on the leading VOD outlet YOUKU (an Alibaba streaming platform), whilst in South Korea, the public broadcaster KBS will introduce the show to the country by March.

Produced by Wildbear Entertainment for France Télévisions free-to-air public television channel France 5, "Wild Winter" takes audiences through breathtaking winter landscapes and their amazing animal inhabitants including polar residents such as the emperor penguin, artic fox, polar bear and harp seal as well animals like the Australia’s common wombat, and Japan’s quirky snow monkeys, that also find themselves in cold climates.

Tony Ziran Tang, VP Asia at All3Media International, reflects on the series' allure, remarking, "'Wild Winter' is a testament to the astonishing resilience and captivating survival stories of our planet's diverse wildlife. With its timely release perfectly complementing late winter programming, I am thrilled to witness YOUKU and KBS embracing this series, promising to captivate and entertain audiences across China and South Korea."

“Wild Winter” examines the incredible adaptations, predatory behaviours, survival instincts, and breeding habits of the unique animals that call these spectacular locations home.