Amuz Distribution music specials go to French-speaking territories and Switzerland

The Alex Avon's company closed deals for "Le Grand Concert de la SuperFrancoFête" to TV5Monde and "Pour Toi Céline" to RTS. Both musical entertainment specials to air in Spring 2024.

27 FEB 2024

"Le Grand Concert de la SuperFrancoFête"

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Amuz Distribution’s Alex Avon, VP of Global Distribution has closed deals for two musical entertainment specials. The rights to "Le Grand Concert de la SuperFrancoFête" were acquired through a partnership between TV5 Québec Canada, its partners and TV5Monde, in order to make this ambitious project available internationally in the markets served by TV5Monde and "Pour Toi Céline" to RTS in Switzerland for broadcast in Spring 2024.

Avon stated: “Amuz Distribution is thrilled to share our fantastic music entertainment programs 'Le Grand Concert de la SuperFrancoFête' with TV5Monde and 'Pour Toi Céline' with broadcaster RTS in Switzerland. Both these events were attended by many people in Quebec and garnered top ratings with broadcasters. We are confident that RTS and TV5Monde viewers will also thoroughly enjoy the programs.”

"Le Grand Concert de la SuperFrancoFête" is hosted by a solid quartet of entertainers from different generations and backgrounds: Roch Voisine, Cœur de pirate, Gims and Mentissa. Celebrating French-speaking music in a major way on the same stage, the program features twenty artists representing ten countries from the French-speaking world, including Diane Dufresne, Khaled, Axelle Red, Emilie-Claire Barlow, Ycare, Claudio Capéo, Sarahmée, Pierre de Maere, Marie-Josée Lord, Radio Radio, Bilal Hassani, Le Flofranco.

"Pour Toi Céline" features more than fifteen great Francophonie performers including: Isabelle Boulay, Corneille, Roch Voisine, Véronic DiCaire, Mario Pelchat and Bruno Pelletier among Quebec artists, and with international artists Camille Lellouche, Amir, Christophe Willem, Élodie Frégé, Anggun, Chimène Badi, Vincent Niclo, Axelle Red, Ycare and Anne Sila. Songs were recreated from the album D’Eux, and other titles taken from the collaboration with Jean-Jacques Goldman to showcase their love for these works. Artists on stage are some of Céline's closest collaborators, including Scott Price, Céline's musical director since 2015, who provided musical direction and was accompanied by 13 musicians and 3 backup singers from Céline's tour or Las Vegas showcase.