Beach House Pictures joins collab to launch Riverland Entertainment in India

The launch, serving as one of the company's efforts to expand in Asia, was executed alongside Raghav Khanna.


Beach House Pictures has partnered with former head of Netflix’s documentary productions in Asia-Pacific,  Raghav Khanna, to launch Riverland Entertainment in Mumbai. The new venture will serve as one of the company's efforts to leverage its operations in Asia. “Indian storytellers have been important players in the global film industry for decades and we believe India will continue to grow more prominent as it becomes a vital market for international and regional streamers. We want to work with the country’s amazing creators and platforms to produce a range of new and unique premium stories that will shine a spotlight on its most fascinating characters and celebrate its rich history and culture in diverse ways,” Creative Director, Beach House Pictures, Donovan Chan, said.

Under the conditions of the deal, the newly established production company will partner with local Indian talent to create content for global and Indian audiences, while strengthening Beach House Pictures' global expertise and reach, with access to its post-production facility, Space Lion Studios. Tasked with developing a slate of compelling unscripted series and documentaries from India for streamers and broadcasters, co-founder Raghav will serve as Managing Director of Riverland Entertainment and work closely with Beach House Pictures founders Donovan Chan and Jocelyn Little. 

“Partnering with Raghav and entering India is critical to Beach House Pictures as we expand across Asia, but it’s also crucial that we work with the country’s most exciting storytellers to ensure our projects are truly authentic to the region and its communities,” Managing Director, Beach House Pictures, Jocelyn Little, said. “We have worked with Raghav for many years and have grown to admire his excellent leadership, experience and expertise. By joining forces with him, together with Blue Ant Media’s distribution network, we have an incredible opportunity to find a wider audience for our projects.” 

Riverland Entertainment will also focus on providing line-production services to incoming international productions and help them unlock access to local talent, crews, permits and tax incentives in a region now booming with global productions.“It is an unprecedented time to be a creator as local stories told with authenticity are transcending regional and linguistic boundaries. We want to partner with the Indian creative community, and tap into Beach House Pictures’ genre expertise, to tell stories that are true to their milieu for Indian and international audiences,” says Raghav Khanna, Managing Director, Riverland Entertainment. “India’s geographical diversity, robust entertainment industry and recently announced filming tax incentives make for an attractive destination for incoming international productions.”