21 ENE 2021


Projeto Paradiso will invest yearly in the Script and Project Development scheme of the Hubert Bals Fund, in support of Brazilian cinematography.


IFFR is proud to announce a new partnership with the Brazilian organisation Projeto Paradiso, which will join the Hubert Bals Fund in strengthening the position of filmmakers from Brazil on an international level. The partnership will support Brazilian filmmakers via an annual fellowship of €10,000 euros for the HBF Script and Project Development scheme, within the scope of two selection rounds.

Projeto Paradiso is an initiative of the Olga Rabinovich Institute, a Brazilian philanthropic foundation that supports local filmmaking talent and works to bring greater visibility to their films, with an emphasis on stories that engage with diverse audiences.

“Considering the current state of public policies for the cinema industry in Brazil, we understand that it is crucial to strengthen our partnership with organizations such as the Hubert Bald Fund, a long-lasting contributor to Brazilian cinema. We look forward to building together a renewed support for our national cinematographers, comitting to Projeto Paradiso's mission of internationalization of Brazilian cinema", explains Josephine Bourgois, Projeto Paradiso's executive director.

The funding will not be earmarked to one specific project and will only be granted when there’s at least one Brazilian film selected. Moreover, the selected fellow(s) will be encouraged to share their knowledge and skills with other emerging filmmaking talent through the Projeto Paradiso network, acting as multipliers of expertise within the independent filmmaking community in Brazil.

The collaboration with Rotterdam Lab, of which Projeto Paradiso was already a partner of in 2020, will continue into 2021. Rotterdam Lab will take place this year from 25 January to 5 February online.

HBF has long had a relationship with independent filmmakers in Brazil, having supported a total of 66 Brazilian film projects since 1989, with a total of 74 contributions in different funding categories. The new partnership with Projeto Paradiso comes at an urgent time for local filmmakers, who are working under the COVID-19 health and economic crisis. In recent years, around 75 projects from Brazil have applied for the Script and Project Development scheme (amounting to about 9% of total applications).