30 MAR 2021


The studio currently has over twenty five projects in the works for various channels and streaming platforms. The titles set to begin production within the next few weeks include “The Boarding School Las Cumbres,” The Protegees. The Return,” and “By Ana Milán.”


“El internado Las Cumbres"


Buendía Estudios is set to kick-off three productions this April in an effort to continue consolidating itself as an independent production company for the creation of content for all types of audiences and distribution channels. The three long-awaited projects are “The Boarding School Las Cumbres,” The Protegees. The Return,” and “By Ana Milán.”

The eight chapters of “The Boarding School Las Cumbres"’s new season will be shot in the Basque Country and Navarra throughout 12 weeks, while eight episodes of “By Ana Milán” will start being filmed in Madrid at the end of April and for 7 weeks. “The Protegees. The return” will also begin shooting within the next few weeks, and production for the four episodes for Atresmedia will take place over eight weeks in Madrid.
In “Los Protegees. The return," ten years have passed since the Castillo Rey family had a happy ending. Culebra, Sandra, Mario, among others characters, will showcase the meaning of "trying to be normal turns out to be extraordinary". More stories, life, anecdotes, and bows will be presented in "By Ana Milan," starring Ana Milán. Midway between fiction and reality, the show is described as a comedy.

Season 2 of “The Boarding School Las Cumbres” helps viewers figure out what the Raven Lodge is, and who it belongs to. The show is produced by Buendía Estudios and The Mediapro Studio, the series is about to start filming with its stars Asia Ortega, Albert Salazar, Carlos Alcaide, Claudia Riera, Paula del Rio, Daniel Arias and Gonzalo Díez, along with Natalia Dicenta, Ramiro Blas, Mina El Hammani and Joel Bosqued.