Eccho Rights' "My Home My Destiny" continues its global roll out

Pasiones in the US, Qazakstan TV in Kazakhstan, and Adom TV in Ghana have picked up the hit Turkish Drama series.

10 JUL 2024

"My Home My Destiny"

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Eccho Rights has concluded a string of deals for the Turkish Drama sensation "My Home My Destiny" with Pasiones in the US, Qazakstan TV in Kazakhstan, and Adom TV in Ghana, bringing the total number of countries that have acquired the series to over 90 worldwide.

Produced by OGM Pictures, "My Home My Destiny" broke viewing records on Turkey’s TV8 when it first aired in 2020 and quickly garnered a huge fan following in both the domestic and international markets. 

“'My Home My Destiny' is a modern Turkish drama classic with an all-star cast and a powerful love story at its core. Zeynep’s journey, exploring themes of belonging, identity and home, appeals to- and resonates with audiences worldwide”, says Barbora Suster, Head of Latin America & Iberia at Eccho Rights.


Born into a poor family, with few opportunities in life, Zeynep’s fortunes change when the family that employs her mother as a cleaning lady offers to adopt the young girl. Her parents agree in the hope of giving their daughter a better life. She will learn, be loved and be surrounded by beautiful things; but she always carry a feeling of not belonging. The poor and innocent Zeynep turns into a clever, educated and beautiful young woman, engaged to be married to a dream man from the top of society. However, this fairytale will come to a shocking end when her birth mother shows up, seeking to regain control of her daughter’s life and bring her back to the home where she was born.