Kids Street launches slate of content as kids return to school

The titles set to be offered by the children's network are targeted at kids ages 3-7 years old. 

14 AUG 2023

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Kids Street has launched a programming slate as kids make their way to school. The new content is targeted at children ages 3-7 years old. "Kids will love the colorful, fun new characters and adventures, while parents will have peace of mind that the content kids are watching covers age-appropriate themes and delivers positive messages and role models," the company states.

The titles inlcuded in the catalog are "The Enchanted Village of Pinocchio," the classic story of Pinocchio coming of age and learning life lessons. "Edmond & Lucy," showing the world of Edmond the squirrel and his friends who use nature to tap into kids’ sense of wonder, "Fireman Sam," showing fireman Sam as he and his friends teach responsibility, helping others and being an overall good person, and "Pat The Dog" following the little dog next door, is the devoted and courageous friend and family member you dream of having.

"Little People" follows the adventures of five friends who demonstrate positive, collaborative play and personal development. Rev and Roll - Join 8-year-old Rev and his best friend Rumble as they go through adventures in their hometown of Fender Bender. "Zizi and Hannibal," also included in the slate is an PayTV exclusive and US Premiere following Zizi, an adventurous and curious five-year-old girl who along with her best friend Hannibal the Hippo, travel to beautiful locations throughout Africa and meet wonderful animals, building the children’s curiosity and love for the environment and nature. In addition, Kids Street will launch new seasons of the successful franchises of “Rainbow Ruby” and “Maya the Bee”, exclusively on US linear television on Kids Street, along with a robust addition of 100 family-friendly, quality adventure and history focused documentaries during primetime.                                                                

The new programming will stand alongside a lineup of kids’ content across the network, including popular franchises like “Strawberry Shortcake: Berry Bitty Adventures & Berry in the Big City”, “Bob the Builder”, “Polly Pocket”, “Atchoo”, “Earth to Luna”, “Fox Badger Family” (a Kids Street original), “Yakari,"  “Chocolix," “P.King Duckling”, “Helen’s Little School”, “The Centsables” and “Heidi,” as well as the best quality entertainment content from around the globe – “Darwin & Newts”, “Hogie the Globehopper”, “Rocka Bye Island,"  “SOS Fairy Manu," “Wissper," “Atchoo”  and many others, all available on the Kids Street linear channel and On Demand, in English and, via SAP, in Spanish.