Mediaset Italy promotes hit musical format "I Sing Family" in the CEE Region

Claudia Marra, Sales Manager Mediaset Distribution, has attended NEM Dubrovnik to present this new title that it's a reboot of the very famous Italian talent "I Sing" and that has had different adaptations.

14 JUN 2024

Claudia Marra

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Mediaset Italy is globally promoting its new entertainment musical format "I Sing Family" ("Io Canto Family"), that is a reboot of a very famous Italian talent "I Sing", that has had a reboot in several different adaptations ("I Sing Generation"). "Now we have a new spin-off for the family," said Claudia Marra, Sales Manager of Mediaset Distribution.

The executive has attended NEM Dubrovnik 2024 to feature the title in the CEE region. "I'm very happy of this market, it is very important for us to see all our clients in the sea region. We are especially happy to see all our free TV Linear channels, which are very important for us," she asserted.

Last Wednesday 12 June, Canale 5 broadcasted the final of “Io Canto Family” in prime time. The musical talent show hosted by Michelle Hunziker, with the artistic direction of Roberto Cenci, has reached 3 million views in Italy.

In the final, 8 pairs of family members have competed against each other to compete for victory, and one of them has won prize money of 50,000 thousand euros and the special plaque of R101, the official radio station of the Talent.

Accompanying the performances of the competitors were Iva Zanicchi, Fausto Leali, Anna Tatangelo, Mietta, Cristina Scuccia and Benedetta Caretta, who supported them throughout the entire journey as team leaders.