Neshama Entertainment partnered with Zanzibar Films to develop “The Inishowen Mysteries” miniseries

The Canada-Ireland co-production is set to start shooting in Ireland later this year.

9 JUL 2024

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Award-winning Canadian production and distribution company Neshama Entertainment is partnering with Ireland's Edwina Forkin to adapt best-selling author Andrea Carter’s popular book series, “The Inishowen Mysteries,” into a scripted Canadian/Irish mini-series. The project is currently in development with a plan to shoot in Ireland later this year. The sixth novel in the “Inishowen” series, “Death Writes,” was published last year. The project was unveiled by Arnie Zipursky, President & CEO, Neshama Entertainment, and Edwina Forkin, Founder of Zanzibar Films.

The mini-series will be created as a Canada-Ireland co-production with Neshama Entertainment (Arnie Zipursky) and Edwina Forkin (Zanzibar Films) & Ralph Christians. Forkin’s production company, Zanzibar, has produced more than 41 award-winning film and TV productions. She is also a partner of Treehouse Media Ltd - an international production company founded in 2015 - an Irish Production Company offering finance to foreign filmmakers. Christians has created, written, produced and co-produced endless animated and live-action movies and TV series. His latest credits include the “Jack Taylor” franchise of nine full-length Irish crime feature films and the Icelandic/German action-adventure thriller “Operation Napoleon.” He is also the founder of the Hamburg-based animation studio Ulysses Films/Studio Rakete.

"We're excited to be teaming up with Edwina and Ralph on Andrea Carter's popular Inishowen book series,” said Zipursky. “From its captivating blend of legal intrigue and thrilling crime to its otherworldly Irish landscape, Inishowen promises to be a bold new drama series. We're thrilled to have such strong creative partners along for the ride."

“The Inishowen Mysteries” follows solicitor Benedicta 'Ben' O'Keefe, who runs the Northerly-most law practice in Ireland. Tenacious, yet evasive, Ben is a new addition to the Inishowen peninsula in County Donegal, where the community is colorful and cloistered. She throws herself into serving their legal needs, partially to avoid dealing with her own issues, but also to atone for the fateful role she played in her sister’s murder. Serving as a solicitor for the Inishowen area, however, launches Ben into a world of mysteries and crime, and as she works alongside the community, she realizes she can’t outrun her past or the guilt that consumes her.