Netflix acquires new WW2 documentary and renews historical series from Prime

The digital service has bought "The Trial of Adolf Eichmann" and has renewed the internationally acclaimed historical documentary series “Einsatzgruppen: the Nazi Death Squads”

11 APR 2022

Joséphine Brun, Alexandra Marguerite and Joséphine Létang

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Prime Entertainment Group has just inked a new deal with Netflix for Prime’s latest WW2 documentary "The Trial of Adolf Eichmann" (90') and the internationally acclaimed historical documentary series “Einsatzgruppen: the Nazi Death Squads” (4x52’). Netflix and Prime have been working together since 2014 securing a range of major, high-profile package deals such as Prime’s best seller “Hollywood’s Best Film Directors” (88x26’), among others.

“Einsatzgruppen: the Nazi Death Squads” is a strong and unique documentary revealing the “Holocaust by bullets”, an unknown style of execution that happened at the start of WWII in Eastern Europe and the Baltics. The high ratings and overall success of the program arise from the rare interviews of survivors and unique archival footage, making this docu-series a unique and touching piece of untold history which is highly appealing to an international audience.

“The Trial of Adolf Eichmann” is a powerful documentary that chronicles the trial of Nazi war criminal Adolf Eichmann in 1961. This never-before-seen footage highlights and exposes the extent of atrocities across the Nazi regime to the world.

Alexandra Marguerite, Head of Sales at Prime says “Netflix have been great partners throughout the years and we are truly glad to remain among the platform’s content providers since 2014. We are especially proud of our outstanding history catalogue which not only helped reinforce our collaboration with Netflix, but also opened new and exciting opportunities to work with major international networks like, A&E, The History channel, Rai, PBS, Spiegel, Discovery, Foxtel among others.”

PRIME has also announced a new acquisition deal with a Spanish production house Zona Mixta to diversify its catalog of premium documentaries. This new partnership allows the expansion of Prime’s already significant catalogue of Historical documentaries, especially dedicated to WW2, by including two new gripping documentaries: “The Master of Submarines” (52’) and “The Graveyard of Truk Lagoon” (52’).

“The Master of Submarines” reveals the biography of German commander of French origin, who holds the record for sinking 194 ships while in charge of a U-35 submarine. He was the most successful naval officer of the German army during WWI.
“The Graveyard of Truk Lagoon” explores the grim and lost history of the Japanese naval base, Truk Atol. Once located in The Pacific Ocean, now one of the largest shipwrecks that home 6000 watery graves after the US Navy’s Operation Hailstone.

Alexandra Marguerite, added: "We are delighted to reinforce our catalog of Historical documentaries, and we are thrilled to be able to present these exclusive documentaries in Cannes, to our long-time partners and new clients in search for the best quality programs."