Netflix confirmed its upcoming original UK productions

The British branch of the company presented the return of original series and new premieres at the Next on Netflix UK event.

15 MAR 2024

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During the Next on Netflix UK event, VP of UK Content, Anne Mensah, introduced an array of upcoming titles alongside some casting news and returning series. Hosted by actors Matt and Emma Willis, the event featured stars from series like “ERIC”, “Scoop”, “Joy”, and “Missing You”, which will premiere on the platform during the upcoming months.

Mensah said: “Thrilling dramas. Inspiring documentaries. Laugh-out-loud entertainment. The best from around the world, and the best of British. Everyone across the UK is looking for something different when they sit down on their sofas, and Netflix has it all in one place. British television has such a long history of producing truly brilliant entertainment and we are forever proud to be part of this tradition.”

During the event, Netflix announced the return of original series, like the seventh season of “Black Mirror”, the return of Charlie Brooker's acclaimed anthology series with six new episodes, including a sequel to the fan-favorite sci-fi adventure “USS Callister”; and the second season of "Six Nations: Full Contact", a behind-the-scenes look at the intense world of the Guinness Six Nations Championship, providing viewers with exclusive access to the exhilarating rugby tournament.

Among the announcements, standout new series include the premiere of "Adolescence", a four-part limited series crime drama told in real-time, one-shot style, exploring ambitious themes, directed by Philip Barantini and featuring a stellar cast; "Bear Hunt", a thrilling competition show hosted by Holly Willoughby, where British celebrities are challenged to survive in the Costa Rican jungle while being hunted by Bear Grylls; "Buying London", a new Netflix series following property mogul Daniel Daggers and his team as they navigate London's luxury real estate market, offering insights into their professional and personal lives; "Grown Ups", an ensemble family drama adapted from Marian Keyes' bestselling novel, delving into the complexities and dynamics of three couples within the Casey family; "Millennium Diamond Heist", a gripping three-part documentary true crime series, executive produced by Guy Ritchie, recounting the audacious heist of the world's second biggest flawless diamond from the Millennium Dome in 2000; "House of Guinness", a sweeping drama set in 19th-century Dublin and New York, chronicling the fortunes and conflicts of the Guinness family following the death of patriarch Benjamin Guinness.

Moreover, Netflix announced other series such as "The Choice", a high-stakes political thriller revolving around the British Prime Minister and the French President, forced to work together when their spouses become targets of a sinister plot; "The Final: Attack on Wembley", a compelling documentary recounting the chaotic events that unfolded during the Euro 2020 final at Wembley Stadium, capturing both the euphoria and turmoil of the historic day; "The Witness", a poignant series exploring the aftermath of a tragic murder witnessed by two-year-old Alex Hanscombe and his father, offering a unique perspective on the investigation and its impact; "Bank of Dave: The Sequel", the continuation of Dave Fishwick's crusade against predatory loan companies, joined by an eclectic cast of characters in a mission to challenge the financial status quo; "Missing You", a gripping thriller following Detective Kat Donovan as she uncovers dark secrets from her past while investigating the sudden reappearance of her long-lost fiancé, Josh; and “Black Rabbit”, the story of the owner of a New York City hotspot, who allows his turbulent brother back in his life and opens the door to escalating dangers that threaten to bring down everything he's built.

Additionally, Netflix, CBC and APTN announced the start of production for “North of North” (formerly “Untitled Arctic Comedy”). The series follows the story of a young Inuk mother who wants to build a new future for herself, but it won’t be easy in her small Arctic town where everyone knows your business.