Onza Distribution to distribute "Motel Valkirias" New Series

The thriller "Motel Valkirias" is an international co-production between Spain and Portugal that includes Portuguese companies SPi and RTP, as well as Galician television channel TVGa

15 OCT 2021

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Onza Distribution has closed a deal with CTV for the international sales of its new thriller "Motel Valkirias", an international co-production between Spain and Portugal that includes Portuguese companies SPi and RTP as well as Galician television channel TVG. Filming will start at the end of the year and it will be ready for Q3 2022. Onza Distribution will own the worldwide rights excluding Spain and Portugal.

Onza Distribution presented the project for the first time on Mipcom for international buyers. “We’re very happy to be able to sell such an interesting project. The series plays with issues that are very prominent in the public imagination; borders, financial problems and characters living in extreme situations. The visual and narrative references are superb and certainly very much in demand by buyers. We’ve worked in the past with CTV and we’re confident that this alliance with SPi, RTP and TVGa will elevate the project,” Carlos Garde of Onza Distribution stated.

"Motel Valkirias" has already been sold to an international platform in Spain and Portugal. The script of the show was written by Ghaleb Jaber (O Sabor das Margaridas, Netflix) and Manuel Gancedo (Gigantes, Movistar). The production companies involved, CTV and SPi have enjoyed huge international success. The Guardian called "O Sabor das Margaridas" (CTV) and "Auga Seca" (SPi) the precursors to Galician Noir, a new police sub-genre that promises to deliver similar success to Nordic Noir. "O Sabor das Margaridas" was among the top 10 non-English-speaking Netflix series in the UK and Ireland for several months.

"Motel Valkirias" sets in a cross-border motel, where the lives of three women with significant financial and personal problems converge by chance when they discover that Eligio, a guest at the motel, is transporting some highly valuable merchandise. Lucia, a separated mother who is fleeing from her ex-husband, Eva, an out-of-work actress and Carolina, the bankrupt owner of the motel, join forces to draw up a plan that could solve all their life problems: to get their hands on some loot. What these three women don’t know is that their lives are in serious danger because the mysterious merchandise belongs to a fearsome money-laundering gang and Luis Castro, their enforcer, will soon be hot on their heels to get back what is his, at any cost.