Najib Fayad joins as Vice President of Princess Sam’s Consumer Products Team while Frederic Gentet on board Princess Sam Pictures' Team as Senior Content Sales Manager.


Najib Fayad and Frédéric Gentet


Princess Sam Entertainment Group, led by CEO and founder Sophie Audouin-Mamikonian, has secured two new team members as part of the production and distribution growth of its brand-new 3D animated series “Tara Duncan”. Najib Fayad and Frédéric Gentet have come on board the subsidiary teams at Princess Sam Entertainment Group dedicated to production, distribution, and merchandising.

With the clear ambition of making the upcoming series of “Tara Duncan” (52x13’) the new global phenomenon for children, Sophie Audouin-Mamikonian, the best-selling French author and creator of the character of Tara Duncan, has added seasoned executives to both its Distribution and Consumer Products teams.  

Commenting on the hires, Audouin-Mamikonian says: “We are very proud to attract professionals of this caliber to the Princess Sam group, and we are confident that their experience and talent will allow our young company to thrive – continuing to be both agile and steadfast in a changing and complicated world. I wish them every success within our group!”

As Executive Vice President, Najib Fayad will lead the teams of the Princess Sam Consumer Products entity, responsible for developing the Tara Duncan property as well as the group's other IPs and fostering partnerships with all the leading manufacturers in their categories. Fayad will act as a strategic advisor in all the other activities of the group.

Appointed to the position of Senior Content Sales Manager at Princess Sam Pictures, Frédéric Gentet will take charge of the distribution of audiovisual content produced by the group. Gentet managed the sales of films and animated series within the production and distribution company Millimages for 5 years. He has contributed to the commercial expansion of properties like “Molang”, “Mouk” and “Didou”.