Estonian Public Broadcaster ERR acquires “Golden Collection” and a new series “MR Theo, Cat and Dog”.


Estonian Public Broadcaster ERR has acquired 56 animated films from “Golden Collection” and a new animated series for a family audience “Mr. Theo, Cat and Dog” (52х6’30’’) produced by Russian oldest animation studio SMF (Soyuzmultfilm). 

The new series, which is a sequel to famous kids IP produced by SMF in 1980’s, and older films, which constitute a part of a renowned “Golden Collection”, will be exclusively broadcasted on public TV channels ETV+ and ETV2 run by ERR and on a non-exclusive basis on ERR’s online platforms, dubbed in the Estonian language. “Mr. Theo, Cat & Dog” already premiered on ETV+ on September, 26.

“SMF Studio today positions itself as a company, which strives for productive cooperation, uniting whole generations of people in front of the screen, various animation styles and companies around the world," comments Yuliana Slascheva, Chairman of the Board of SMF. "Animation speaks to its audience in a universal language of images, moreover, we have very close cultural and historical ties with Estonia.  We are extremely excited about these deals with the largest broadcaster in the territory, which means that more kids will have access to animated films, which are considered classics of world animation, and will have a chance to appreciate our new series,” she added.

“We’re happy to share with our viewers the new series of 'Mr Theo, Cat and Dog' and we’re also very excited about having the chance to show the old classics again – I’m sure many films from this collection will bring back some good old memories from our childhood and hopefully will be interesting to watch by our children as well”, comments Tiivi Tüür, Acquisitions executive of kids content in ERR.


“The Golden Collection” is a collection of animated films, which rank among the classics of world animation, garnered a multitude of international and Russian awards and prizes, which became an integral part of Russian and global culture.  The most famous ones are “The Snow Queen” (1957), “Cheburashka” (1971 – 1983), “The Hedgehog in the Fog” (1975), and many others.

“Mr. Theo, Cat & Dog” follows the adventures of a city boy named Mr. Theo, who has friends in the village of Farmington; these are Sailor the cat, Mutt the dog, and the old grum-bling postal worker MacGrouchy. The boy prefers to spend time with them. Unlike parents, the cat and the dog value his opinion and treat him like an adult. They live on a farm and master modern technologies together. Mr. Theo’s parents have a little daughter Miss Vera, and she wants to live in Farmington, where she found a very unusual friend. The new series is a sequel to the signature IP of the studio.  The series is in production now and will be completed by Spring 2021.