StoryZoo launches a FAST channel on in Germany

"StoryZoo & Friends" lineup includes more than 20 successful brands curated as a 24/7 FAST channel.

13 FEB 2024

"StoryZoo & Friends"

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Animation studio StoryZoo announces the launch of "StoryZoo & Friends" on the IPTV platform, the market leader for network-independent IPTV in Germany. The lineup includes more than 20 successful brands curated as a 24/7 FAST channel.

Michael Marberg, Head of TV partnerships at Exaring; ‘“StoryZoo & Friends' with its international edutainment program specially developed for preschool children is an ideal addition to our colorful kids’ program portfolio."

This launch marks the first step of the company’s global expansion plan. Johannes Gropp, CEO of StoryZoo is currently exploring partnership options with strategic investors to go this path together - leveraging the unique position of the show and global demand for edutainment content.

"StoryZoo & Friends" is set to revolutionize the streaming experience by offering a unique blend of family-friendly content that combines education with entertainment. The channel provides a safe and engaging environment for children and families, featuring a huge variety of animated series, educational shows, and exciting adventures. The content portfolio not only contains the most popular series from the pre-school brand "StoryZoo", but also premium content from several leading international animation studios such as DeAPlaneta Entertainment or Monster Entertainment like "Jungle Beat" or "Willy Fog."

"StoryZoo & Friends" is committed to promoting learning through entertaining content. From colorful animated series that teach essential life skills to interactive educational shows, the channel aims to inspire young minds. The shows include charming characters that will captivate the hearts of children and adults alike. Each character is thoughtfully crafted to embody positive values, fostering a sense of friendship, curiosity, and creativity. "StoryZoo & Friends" is available on the platform, making quality family entertainment accessible to a wide audience in Germany.