Studiocanal launched new content label: Studiocanal Stories

The new label, which will debut in France and other European nations, will be focused on literary adaptations into motion pictures and television shows.

29 APR 2024

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Studiocanal has announced the creation of “Studiocanal Stories”, a new label dedicated to literary adaptations into films and TV series, and the first in France and several countries in Europe. The label’s management board is expected to be announced soon.

According to the Centre National du Livre (CNL), the market for literary adaptations has seen strong growth across many areas in recent years. In 2023, 42% of the 100 biggest hits at the American box office were literary adaptations (44% in France). In France, cinematographic and audiovisual adaptations of literary works increased by almost 30% between 2015 and 2021 – i.e. the adaptation of almost one in five works – while in cinema, they total 33% of admissions. In Europe, France is positioned as the leading producer of literary adaptations, ahead of the United Kingdom and Germany.

Given the scale of this market and the success of its own literary adaptations into films and TV series, Studiocanal wanted to give greater visibility to its know-how in this area. After announcing the creation of its department dedicated to Literary Adaptations in 2022, Studiocanal is now announcing the creation of its “Studiocanal Stories” label, which will help increase its reach among recognised and emerging literary talents.

Two of the recent studio’s adaptations, whose cinema releases are expected soon, have been selected in Official Competition by the 2024 Cannes Film Festival: “Beating Hearts” (Gilles Lellouche), adapted from the novel by Neville Thompson (“Jackie Loves Johnser Ok?”, “2000”), and “The Most Precious Of Cargoes” (Michel Hazanavicius), an animated film adapted from the tale by Jean-Claude Grumberg (2019).

Studiocanal has won acclaim with several literary adaptations in series, such as “War Of The Worlds” produced by Urban Myth Films (H.G. Wells, 1898), “Ridley Road” (Jo Bloom, 1962) produced by Red Production Company, “The Stranger” (Harlan Coben, 2015) produced by Red Production Company, as well as in films, such as “Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy” (John Le Carré, 1974), “The Last Letter From Your Lover” (Jojo Moyes, 2008), “The Royal Game” (Stefan Zweig, 1943), “The Secret Garden” (Frances Hodgson Burnett, 1911), “A Boy Called Christmas” (Matt Haig, 2015). Furthermore, thanks to Copyrights, an international intellectual property management company it is responsible for developing, Studiocanal has adapted several of its franchises into films and series. The most iconic, “Paddington” (Michael Bond), has been adapted into three animated series, two BAFTA-nominated films and a third production which will soon be released in cinemas.

Studiocanal is also working on the adaptation of the preschool books “Miffy” (Dick Bruna) as a series, “Playing Nice” (JP Delaney) as a series, “How To Stop Time” (Matt Haig) as a series, and “The Midnight Library” (Matt Haig) as a film. Other projects will be announced soon.

The company is also working with Canal+, whose adaptations it distributes, such as the recent series “Of Money And Blood”, adapted from the book by Fabrice Arfi, or “Zero Zero Zero”, adapted from the book by Roberto Saviano. Canal+ has also adapted Jake Adelstein's autobiographical novel “Tokyo Vice” as a series, season 2 of which began broadcasting in April 2024, exclusively on Canal+ and myCanal.