US and Mexican producers to adapt "Venom Wars" book into a new TV series

US' Baboon Animation will develop the storytelling and humor of the programme, whilst Mexican Demente will animate the series based on Mike Bauman's IP.


"Venom Wars of the Desert Realm"


Author Mike Bauman has teamed up with US animation studio Baboon Animation and Mexican animation outfit, Demente, to develop his successful kids’ fantasy publishing title, "Venom Wars of the Desert Realm", into a TV series. Baboon Animation will be on charge of the storytelling and humor of the programme based on the original IP and has signed to script the show, whilst Demente will animate the series.

"Venom Wars of the Desert Realm" (52x11’) is a 2D animated series, aimed at children aged 7-11, that follows three orphaned hares who are called upon by an ancient prophecy to rescue a kidnapped prince and stop a deadly force from conquering their desert home.

Michael Baumann, said: “We are delighted to announce the collaboration between multiple award-winning Baboon Animation and Demente on Venom Wars. Both studios are first-class producers and have a strong track record in creating shows that resonate with children. We are delighted that they have recognised the potential of 'Venom Wars' and we look forward to partnering with them as we develop the Venom Wars franchise.”

Mike de Seve, President, Baboon Animation added: "I found these strong, young characters extra appealing from the moment I saw them. It's a story of bravery, hope and family, played out on an epic scale while never losing its sense of humor for a second."