SPI International secured new launches in the Netherlands and Poland

The company has initiated a partnership with Delta and Caiway to launch Filmbox in the Dutch region, and with UPC to begin offering Dizi in Poland as part of the company's pursuit to successfully establish its presence in the Dutch and Polish pay-tv markets.


SPI International has secured a Filmbox launch in the Netherlands through a newly-established partnership with Dutch telecommunications provider Delta Fiber. The global media company is also set to launch Dizi in Poland through a collaboration with UPC.

The expansion began on the first of this month after Filmbox became accessible to Caiway subscribers on Channel 22, and for Delta subscribers on channel 34, included in most average channel packages in the area. “We are excited to provide our viewers in the Netherlands with our curated selection of movies and series on FilmBox and proud to add DELTA Fiber as the second leading operator to our list of distributors - having launched on Canal Digitaal already,” Manager of Film1 and FilmBox Netherlands, Jeroen Bergman, General, said.

The platform offers a wide variety of titles to more than 30 million households around the world, with titles like “Zero Dark Thirty,” “Terminal,” and “Everybody Wants Some.” The company has worked on establishing its presence in the Dutch pay-tv market, recently releasing its premium movie service Film1, consisting of four linear channels and on-demand services in the region, all of which are covered by Delta.

SPI’s Dizi launch date in Poland correlates with Filmbox’s in the Netherlands. The channel is now offered to UPC subscribers through the service’s Max Premium, Max, and Select package offerings. The channel is available at positions 222 on Horizon and UPC TV 4K Box decoders, 168 on Mediabox decoders, and the UPC TV Go service. The addition of Dizi to the UPC Polska offer increases the channel’s reach by more than 1 million subscribers amounting to 2.2 million subscribers in Poland.

The channel is already available in the offer of the operators such as Vectra's Zloty Package and Multimedia Poland's MaxBox Package as well as on OTT through the CDA TV service. Fans in the regions can now access the full slate, including its latest series addition, “Bride of Istanbul.” 

The purpose of the launch is to garner a larger sum of Turkish series fans in the region. The channel airs both drama, romance, and crime fiction productions, and is broadcast 24 hours a day, seven days a week in HD quality. SPI International also plans to roll-out the Dizi app this fall. “Joining the UPC offer is a very big step forward for us in building the distribution of the Dizi channel in Poland. We want this channel to be included in basic TV packages because its program offer is so attractive that it can successfully compete for the attention of a wide audience,” says Jacek Koskowski, General Director Sales & Distribution Poland at Kino Polska TV SA..