8 JUL 2021


The US and Canadian ranks for the platform have increased by 1 million users since February, but the outlet has only seen a portion of that growth during the third quarter, welcoming 37-48 million subscribers.


Disney+'s subscriber count acceleration has seen a significant slow-down, particularly in North America. The slowed growth possibly resulted from the platform's decision to increase its subscription by $1 in March. 

According to data collected by The Information, Disney+ finished its fiscal third quarter earlier this month with 110 million subscribers worldwide. The figure represents an increase from its 103.6 million global subscribers, the company announced at the end of its fiscal second quarter, which ceased on April 3.

Most of the growth has come in India and Latin American markets. Since the end of Disney's fiscal first quarter on from February 3 to July 3, the service has only seen its subscriber ranks grow from 37 million to 38 million users. 

Disney has projected its global subscriber base for Disney+ to reach as high as 260 million customers by 2024. The service has had a flurry of original hits, but its originals output has been hampered, like everyone else's, by pandemic-related production delays.