Cannes Film Festival 2024: Latin Quarter’s "The Last Flight of Pishak" selected in the Producers Network

In alliance with the Rotterdam Festival, the Cannes Film Festival has selected the title along with the top 10 projects from the Rotterdam Lab.

23 APR 2024

"The Last Flight of Pishak"

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The film project "Pishak, The Last Flight of The Birds", produced by Du Tello Filmproduktion (Peru) in co-production with Latin Quarter (Netherlands), has been selected in the prestigious Producers Network of the Marché du Film, to be held from May 14 to 22, 2024 within the framework of the Cannes Festival.

The Marche du Film de Cannes annually selects for its Producers Network the best producers who, with exceptional projects, have been part of its associated festivals. "Pishak" has been chosen as one of the 10 best projects presented at Cinemart’s Rotterdam Lab of the International Film Festival Rotterdam 2024, in alliance with the Cannes Festival.

The Producers Network serves as the primary event dedicated to film production at the Cannes Marché du Film, gathering a selected group of 400 producers from across the globe. Through a series of talks, master classes, and exclusive networking events, it aims to cultivate opportunities for co-production and collaboration.

The enthralling narrative of "Pishak" centres on the life and dreams of an Awajún teenager, whose initiation ritual is delayed by socio-environmental conflicts in his community. The film delves into essential themes such as identity, diversity, tradition, and the fight to safeguard culture and environmental wealth amidst challenges like climate change and extractivism.

As the recipient of the Production Fund from the Ministry of Culture of Peru in 2023 and spoken in the Awajún language, "Pishak" distinguishes itself as the inaugural Peruvian film endeavouring to obtain a sustainable filming certificate, thereby positioning itself as a trailblazer in tackling contemporary challenges through a "green shooting" ethos.

Regarding the film's international outreach, the powerful alliance between the producers and the enthusiastic Dutch production and distribution company Latin Quarter guarantees that the cultural richness of the Awajún community will resonate with a global audience. Juan G. Castro, CEO at Latin Quarter, said from the Netherlands: “This exhilarating project not only showcases the beauty and diversity of Amazonian communities but also underscores their crucial role in conserving endangered natural habitats.”

In turn, Herbert Salas Portugal and Eduardo Tello conveyed from Peru: “'Pishak, The Last Flight Of The Birds', transcends the realm of cinema; it embodies our dedication to sustainability, cultural diversity, inclusion, and the transformative potential of cinema. Through our presence in the Producers Network of the Cannes Marché du Film, we embrace the responsibility of creating a lasting impact on the Peruvian film landscape and the hearts of global audiences, sharing the splendour and wisdom of Awajún culture worldwide.”