9 FEB 2021


The awards, hosted by Emma Hunter and cartoon character Elmo, honor participants in what is considered the year’s best work in kids' television and digital media. The categories include preschool through teens/tweens, digital, network, creatives, and more.


The 12th annual Kidscreen Awards took place during the second day of this year’s summit, hosted by Emma Hunter. The awards honor participants in what is considered the year’s best work in kids' television and digital media. Hunter, who was joined by Sesame Street cartoon character, Elmo, announced the nominees and winners for each category, which included preschool, teens and tweens, creative recognition, and more.

The nominee listing began with children's programming, starting with preschool. The best new series award for preschool children’s programming went to Dreamworks’ “Madagascar: A Little Wild,” with the best-animated series in preschool going to Ludy Studios’ “Bluey,” which also won best directing, best writing, and best music. “Love is Love” won best short, with the TV show “Bookmarks Celebrating Black Voices” won Best Inclusivity. The 50th season of “Sesame Street” took home several awards, including best special TV or movie, Best In Class, among others.

For kid's programming, Dreamworks and Netflix’s “Wizards: Tales of Arcadia” won best new series, while BGM’s “Backyard Bears” won best-mixed media series. Pixar’s “Forky Asks a Question” went home with a best-animated series award and “First Day” won best live-action series among the same category, alongside Pixar’s “Lamp Life,” which also won Best in class, best animation and best voice talent.

The winners for tweens/teens programming include Netflix drama series “Locke and Key” for best series, best live-action series, and best acting, while “Central Park” won best-animated series and “About Sex” won best-mixed media series. Cartoon Network’s “Adventure Time: Distant Lands” won best special TV/movie and Aquarius Films’ “The Unlisted” won the best inclusivity.

PBS Kids took home the awards for best network and best Youtube Channel, while Kiruna Stamell won best air host. CBC Kids won best Morning programming Block, while Youtube Kids won best kids only streaming service, and “Adventure Time: Distant Lands” won the best design. In the digital category, “Book: Bringing Books to life” app received recognition, while PBS Kids Games won best game app, “Leggo Word” won best video app branded, and “Scribbles and Ink” won Best alternative game.

“Sesame Street Monster Meditation” won Best web app series, while “Baba Yaga” won best game app original and best alternative game. “Go noodle” games won best game app branded, “Square Panda” won best learning app original, “Oddtube” won best app series branded, and CBC Kids News tied with “Odd Squad” for best website.