MIPTV 2024: GRB Media Ranch acquired four new documentaries

Murder investigation, art theft and political drama to be presented at MIPDoc and MIPTV.

3 APR 2024

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GRB Media Ranch CEO, Gary R. Benz, announced the acquisition of four hot topical new documentaries covering a range of headline grabbing events. The content includes the murder investigation of Tupak Shakur: “Tupac: 187” (working title), an art theft in Ottawa in “Stealing Churchill”, and sensational political topics: “God & Country” and “Unfit”. The company will present all four documentaries at MIPDoc and MIPTV next week where GRB Media Ranch President, Sophie Ferron and GRB Sales & Acquisitions’ Executive Liz Levenson will be in attendance.

Gary R. Benz stated: “GRB Media Ranch is thrilled to debut four exciting new documentaries to add to its expanding non-fiction portfolio. The new content is both topical and unnerving and complements our library of over 5,000 hours of premium finished programs and formats. We are delighted to introduce them to the market at this time when the subject matter continues to attract headlines in the media. As we say at GRB Media Ranch – we’ve got stories!”

In “Tupac: 187” (working title), after 30 years, the case of murdered Rap superstar Tupac Shakur may finally get resolved when an accused Las Vegas man stands trial. The series discovers the criminal negligence and its impact on the night of the shooting and see the development of the false narrative that was devised to cover it up; and tracks the "big lie" all the way from its inception 5 minutes after the shooting until this moment - the current case in Nevada (5x60’).

“Stealing Churchill” is an investigative documentary taking audiences to the heart of the unlikely heist that shocked the international arts community: the theft of the famous Winston Churchill portrait by Yousuf Karsh. This masterwork painting was stolen from the Reading Lounge in Ottawa’s Château Laurier and replaced by a fake which was only discovered eight months later (1 x 60’),

The documentary “Unfit: The Psychology of Donald Trump” explores if Donald Trump is psychologically fit to hold the office of President of the United States. This is an analysis of Trump by leading U.S. mental health professionals and political observers and those who had intimate personal contact with him and his behavior (1 x 90’).

“God & Country” is directed by Dan Partland (“Intervention”) and produced by Rob Reiner, and reveals the dangerous implications of Christian Nationalism which distorts the U.S. Constitution and Christianity itself (1 X 90’).