Natpe Budapest: Ukrainian Content Global Cooperation to represent Ukraine at the event

The biggest Ukrainian media companies will feature in the marketplace representing the full range of business opportunities of the country.

27 JUN 2022

Viсtoria Yarmoshchuk and Iryna Chernyak

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Ukrainian National Pavilion, organized by the Ukrainian Content. Global Cooperation initiative, will represent the country’s AV industry at the National Association of Television Program Executives (NATPE) in Budapest on June 27 – 30, 2022. Along with the exhibitors from all over the world, the biggest Ukrainian media companies will feature in the marketplace representing the full range of business opportunities of the country. Leading industry players, such as FILM.UA Group, 1+1 media, Ukraine TV Channels, Starlight Media, and Suspilne Ukraine will introduce their top ready-made and developing projects as well as the services they provide internationally.

The Ukrainian National Pavilion (stand #2) will comprehensively unveil the scope of partnership opportunities to the global industry community to strengthen the business ties and reinforce the collaboration worldwide. Also, the top execs of the above companies will feature in a panel discussion, dedicated to the challenges of the war the Ukrainian AV industry currently faces and the opportunities for meaningful integration into the world market. It is also expected that during the Ukrainian panel some key statements about Ukraine Content Club (UCC), an emerging joint project by Ukrainian and global media companies aimed at sustaining and supporting Ukraine’s AV industry, will be announced.

“After the beginning of the war, FILM.UA Group, one of the largest Eastern European media groups, has reorganized its working processes quite quickly, so we are fully recovered and ready for any task. Today, our main goal is to find new international partners for co-developing and co-producing. At NATPE, we aim to showcase the professionalism of the Ukrainian media industry, whose full potential is not quite realized worldwide. We have incredible competence in all spheres of content making, from generating ideas to VFX and CGI, we can provide the full support of any project from the very first drafts to huge premiere events. We have such expertise. Now, the world is discovering Ukraine, and we have a lot to offer,” – Viсtoria Yarmoshchuk, CEO of FILM.UA Group.

The Public Broadcasting Company of Ukraine – Suspilne Ukraine – presents to NATPE a selection of its documentaries and cartoons that tell a story of the formation of Ukraine as it is today. “Projects of Suspilne Ukraine that will be presented at NATPE tell about Ukraine – our struggle, regional peculiarities, tragedies, values, and love for life. We are convinced that each of these ten projects reveals Ukraine to the world in its own way. In addition, these are high-quality authentic works that are fascinating and touching. These are films by Ukrainian creative teams celebrated both in the professional community and by our viewers,” – Natalia Romanets, Director of Acquisitions Department at Suspilne Ukraine.

Today, all Ukrainian creators are working towards a common goal — to draw attention to the dramatic events in Ukraine and to help bring our victory. At the same time, we can see interest in the content produced in Ukraine, which is highly important. For more than three months, on top of everything else Ukraine has been fighting for its victory in the cynical war waged by the russian federation, on the information and cultural fronts. Therefore, the more the world knows about us, the closer this victory is. We have a huge amount of content that is already being distributed worldwide. We also have a powerful team able to create incredible projects. So we hope that this will resonate with NATPE as well,” Inna Filipova, Head of Sales at 1+1 media.

“While preparing for this year’s NATPE in Budapest, the war in Ukraine marked 100 days. Our channels, distribution, the whole media group, and the industry itself show incredible power and strengths in these difficult times. We broadcast, we produce and we sell our content worldwide. In this market, our teams aim to continue showing how incredible and high quality our content is, how creative our ideas are, and thus find new ways to cooperate with partners throughout the world,”Iryna Chernyak, Director of Content Acquisition and Monetization Department, Ukraine TV Channels.

“We strive not only to conclude new agreements or arrange cooperation on individual projects, we also need to be part of the European content community. Therefore, we seek a stable dialogue and a partnership with the European content industry, which already knows Ukraine as a country with talents, services, and ability to create relevant, high-quality content, but whose deep integration into the market has not yet taken place. Hence, we look forward to NATPE as another opportunity to meet face to face with our current and potential partners and lay another brick in the foundation of Starlight Media's development as a powerful player in the European market,”Nataliya Gerovska, Head of Content Monetization Department at Starlight Media.