1 FEB 2022

Beatrix Wood: "'Maorach: Hebridean Shellfish' is like a breath of fresh air"

The producer and director at TrixPixMedia describes the global potential of the new documentary of the company and anticipates the future productions.


Beatrix Wood, producer and Director at TrixPixMedia


TrixPixMedia is a media production company based on the Outer Hebrides in Scotland that makes quality documentary films for UK and international audiences. Currently, it is globally promoting its new documentary film about the Shellfish industry called "Maorach: Hebridean Shellfish". "Our recent film is like a road movie with a lobster. It charts how some of the best shellfish in the world is caught off the Hebrides and then exported live by road to Spain," said Beatrix Wood, producer and Director at TrixPixMedia to Señal News.

"Maorach: Hebridean Shellfish" story is told by the people working front-line with the shellfish – the fishermen, lorry drivers and business owners – and the difficulties they now face because of Brexit. "This is intercut with an exploration of how world-class chefs in Spain and Scotland cook the shellfish and a comparison of the different cultural tastes," she added.

The film was first broadcast in late December 2021 on BBC Alba and is now available across the UK on BBC iPlayer. "We have had exceptional feedback, and it has resonated with audiences on many levels," stated Wood. The film includes food, lifestyle and travel elements that give people a multitude of angles to relate to and enjoy. There is also the Brexit theme, which reveals the human story of the immense problems Brexit has created – without getting bogged down in the politics. "The contributors are passionate about what they do, despite the difficulties they face, and their energy and enthusiasm has inspired viewers. Although the story stems from this remote part of the world, the film takes you through different countries, stories and perspectives, so there’s something for everyone," she highlighted.

A version of "Maorach: Hebridean Shellfish" will be soon be available for international sales. "The film is like a breath of fresh Hebridean air, and this is where its global potential lies. Audiences can lose themselves in the story and enjoy a unique insight into how an exotic food gets to the table, the cultural differences of how this is cooked, and reflections on changing global food tastes and trends," explained its producer.

Shot in 4K, there are stunning locations in Scotland and Spain, the characters are very genuine, the tone is light, yet there is depth to the subject, the style is full of energy and there is fantastic music by Hebridean and Catalonian composers. "It is told with both as much depth and breadth to truly get an accurate insight into a seemingly unique subject, but also feel the multiple ways that it is relatable", Wood completed.

In 2022, TrixPixMedia is completing two documentaries around the universal theme of “home”. "HomeMovie" is about what happens when the dream to build a family home on a Hebridean island turns into a nightmare. "The Steading" is about how widow Maggy Stead fights to protect the exceptional home her husband sculpted from wood and preserve it as a work of art for the people of Scotland. "Within both of these films, tough emotional journeys are coupled with inspiring stories to reach into people’s hearts as the central characters triumph over adversity in different ways. There are also some exquisite locations to be seen alongside the complex and rich stories," she anticipated.

By Romina Rodríguez