14 APR 2021


The EVP of Content at All3Media International explains the importance of the company’s agreements with Synchronicity and Discovery while describes its current business strategy.


Maartje Horchner, EVP of Content at All3Media International


All3Media International started the year strong with two major deals: one with Synchronicity for scripted content and one with Discovery for non-scripted shows. Maartje Horchner, EVP of Content at All3Media International, explains the importance of both agreements and describes the company's current business strategy.

What does the recent agreement with Synchronicity bring to All3media?
“We are thrilled to have formed a partnership with the Synchronicity team. I have known Claire Mundell, its Founder and Creative Director, for many years and always admired her ingenuity and her entrepreneurial and ambitious attitude. Synchronicity’s development slate contains high quality, commercially appealing drama from original voices which we believe holds great appeal for our international clients”.

Would you say scripted content is your main focus right now?
“Our focus is razor-sharp on both scripted and non-scripted. The scripted side of the content team at All3Media International is led by David Swetman, who has been instrumental in forming the strategy to grow investment in both development and deficit funding, which has resulted in the strong slate we have today. In non-scripted, we have expanded our efforts to secure top-quality factual content. We have always had good relationships with factual and factual entertainment producers from within the All3Media group, for example, Studio Lambert, Lion, Maverick, and Optomen, to name a few. We feel we had the capacity to represent additional producers with shows that impact the international market”.

Regarding non-scripted, the company recently closed a deal with Discovery+. What are the advantages of this agreement?
“Discovery’s newest global platform has been an excellent partner for us to be able to bring a slew of titles, including ‘Naked Attraction,’ ‘Race Across the World,’ and our Gordon Ramsay catalog to an international audience. This deal gives us a partner for multiple series and a great home for our long-running brands. With Discovery’s plans to expand their service, we are discussing further regionals launches with them for their key catalog and newer titles”.

What differences do you observe between TV and streaming platforms when it comes to doing business?
“Now more than ever, we are finding that there are fewer differences. Global streamers are still doing global deals, but increasingly are more willing to do tailored deals for specific territories, which essentially brings more buyers to the TV distribution table and results in interesting competition”.

How would you describe All3Media International's current business strategy?
“Brilliant! Under the leadership of Louise Pedersen, All3Media International has grown its business year on year, with a strategy that focuses on quality content and a good return on ever-increasing investment, not just for All3Media International but also for other investors and IP owners. We work as a partnership with production companies, both internally and externally, to ensure that they get the profit they are due. We are determined to make the relationship between distributor and producer a genuine partnership, which I believe has resulted in so many fantastic titles in our catalog and the loyalty of many of our producers, which is, of course, a two-way street!”.

What are the company’s main goals for 2021?
“Our main goal for 2021 is to continue to celebrate storytelling, whilst developing an even stronger catalog across all genres. We also want to carry on working with broadcasters, producers, and IP owners to fund shows that have a global appeal and travel widely. We aim for high-end quality, without losing sight of the value of less high-end volume deals”.

By Federico Marzullo

Global streamers are still doing global deals, but increasingly are more willing to do tailored deals for specific territories” Maartje Horchner EVP of Content at All3Media International