16 NOV 2022

Marc Pos: “It is always good to sometimes choose for the unknown”

Marc Pos, Chief Executive at IDTV, talks about his latest format idea, “The Unknown,” which All3Media International officially presented during Mipcom Cannes 2022.


Marc Pos


During Mipcom Cannes, All3Media International officially presented “The Unknown,” a brand new psychological social experiment created by Netherlands-based IDTV, the production company which is also behind the hit reality show “The Traitors.” An intense psychological game in which players must decide who they can trust, “The Traitors” was originally developed by IDTV and All3Media for RTL4 in the Netherlands, and has already been commissioned in the UK, United States, Norway, France, Belgium, Australia, and Spain, becoming an instant success in every territory.

One of the creators of this concept was IDTV'S Chief Executive, Marc Pos, who used this show as an inspiration for “The Unknown,” his latest project. “We learned a lot from ‘The Traitors.’ Contestants in that game show said that it felt like somebody was playing with them, like a puppet master, which of course was not true. However, that made us thought about the idea of adding a puppet master, and we had this question: ‘do you dare to choose the unknown?’ That is really interesting to make an entertainment show,”  Pos told Señal News.

In “The Unknown,” a mysterious game master challenges two teams of strangers to travel through a series of checkpoints. The team that manages to reach the game master first will win a huge cash prize. According to its creators, this is an epic journey, packed with mind-blowing plot twists, where the teams continuously have to choose between the known or the unknown.

“Especially after Covid, we noticed that people were wondering about things more and more. Why am I doing this? Why am I not doing this? That is the philosophy of the concept, but of course this is just an entertainment show with layers where you can also see this questioning of life,”  IDTV'S Chief Executive explained.

“What ‘The Unknown’ does is questioning people more about themselves. Are you good at your relationship or good at your work? Every one has an unknown path, and you have the choices of your own path. That is why you never know what is going to happen. Sometimes it works out just fine, sometimes not. Personally, I think it is always good for your personal growth to sometimes choose for the unknown, even if it does not work out fine,”  Pos pondered.

By Diego Alfagemez and Federico Marzullo

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