16 NOV 2023

Mocca Studio, a new strong IP's creator in the audiovisual scenario

The Indonesian studio is celebrating its tenth anniversary this year and features six new kids IP's for the global market. Its COO, Novie Riyadi, describes the evolution of the company and details the new shows.


Novie Riyadi


Mocca Studio was founded in 2013 in Indonesia by a professional animator with years of industrial experience and has undertaken projects with national and international standards. "We just celebrated our 10th anniversary in July this year," said Novie Riyadi, COO at the company. "We started as a servicing company, but in the last two years, we started to developing our own IPs," he commented.

Mocca Studio attended last MIP Junior and MIPCOM with six new IP's. "We met with so many distributors and also broadcasters, whether they are OTT or SVOD or FAST. We are open to any opportunity," Riyadi indicated.

Mocca Studio is promoting the non-dialogue, slapstick series “AlienCG” (24x5') mainly for 6 up to 12 years old kid. "The essence of this show is to educate and also entertain at the same time," pointed out the executive. "We are hoping we can find a distributor for this series," he said.

The company is also presenting IPs in development like "Budi". "We are seeking funding and investment and also, we are open to co-producing this series with another company," commented Riyadi. The series tells the story of a kid that used to live in a modern city, in a super high-tech city, and suddenly, he needs to move to another village where there's no such high-tech stuff in there. "The main power of this character is that he can bring the whole environment, including the friends and his relatives, into such an imaginative world where so many simple things like a table or a chair can become monsters," detailed the COO at Mocca.

In addition to “Joni Bony Puff" and "Hush Hushkies", Mocca is working on "Zooa," that it will be outputted in two categories. One is a rhyme where singing and the other will be bedtime stories. "The 360 business of these IPs is enormous, it's wide open because we will also be producing it into toys and merchandising. So we are hoping that we can make this thing happen as soon as possible," concluded Novie Riyadi.