15 NOV 2023

Sam Partner: "Reel One loves uplifting stories which move and entertain"

The leading producer and distributor of original TV Movies currently has over 300 titles. Sam Partner, Managing Vice President, International Distribution, London details the vast portfolio for global buyers.


Sam Partner


Reel One Entertainment is a leading producer and distributor of original TV Movies with offices in Los Angeles, London, Montreal and Vancouver. "Reel One leads the way in the development, financing, production and distribution of high quality TV programming, being one of the largest suppliers in the niche of highly commercial TV content. Our slate is currently over 300 movies," asserted Sam Partner, Managing Vice President, International Distribution, London, in an exclusive interview with Señal News.

Currently, Reel One produces three principal genres of original commercial, feel good movies: Romantic Comedies, Holiday movies and female Thrillers. "This year we would have produced around 100 fresh films," he affirmed.

Reel One loves uplifting stories which move and entertain, in the feel-good space. "Our focus is predominantly on strong female protagonists who are able to go through a transformational journey, supported by their community and family. We produce predominantly platform and network original movies, offering a production standard that our clients can rely on," the executive said.


Reel One Entertainment is participating at MIP Cancun with titles that can appeal Latin audiences. For example, "How to Fall In Love By Christmas," that tells the story of a beloved writer-turned-CEO of her own Goop-like lifestyle brand, Prism, must secure a partnership with Singled Out to save her company, but the only way to appease them is for her to write a column on falling in love by Christmas with the help of the charming and handsome photographer who has been assigned to the piece.

Another outstanding movie for Latin America is "Love at the Bootcamp." When a scattered marketing exec is tasked with helping an unpopular small-town bootcamp turn its image around, she finds that the strict, regimented ways of its owner might just be the perfect ‘fit’ for love. Another great title for the region is "Lies My Babysitter Told". When new mom Carnie wants to go back to work, she hires the neighbor’s son Matt as childcare much to the reluctance of her husband Nick. Yet as Matt inveigles himself into their lives, it seems he has an insurmountable obsession with Carnie making her uncomfortable and on edge. Yet it’s Nick that Matt has history with and the secret is about to come out.

"We are looking nurture existing relationships and expand our list of partner platforms and broadcasters in Latin American and US Hispanic markets. We have a large library of content dubbed into neutral Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese as well as premiere movies alike," Partner concluded.