8 APR 2024

THE SEVEN, a strategic ally in the global content production

Tatsuo Sugai, President of Japan’s production house, describes THE SEVEN benefits for global productions companies as well as talk about the launch of the state-of-the-art soundstage M6 Studio.

8 APR 2024

Tatsuo Sugai

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THE SEVEN, Inc., which is a subsidiary production studio of Tokyo Broadcasting System Holdings, Inc., primarily collaborates with global streaming platforms to plan, develop, and produce high-end content for a worldwide audience. The company also engages in IP development and management, as well as business expansion into areas such as film, live entertainment, and licensing, with a focus on leveraging intellectual properties for global business development.

"The latest work that THE SEVEN was involved with was Netflix series 'Yu Yu Hakusho', the live-action drama series produced by ROBOT based on a very popular manga by Yoshihiro Togashi (Shueisha Jump Comics)," said Tatsuo Sugai, President of THE SEVEN to Señal News. "'Yu Yu Hakusho' became the most viewed Japanese content on Netflix in its history. #1 in the Netflix Weekly Global Top 10 (non-English series), #2 in the English and non-English series categories combined, and being ranked in the 'Today's Series Top 10' in 92 countries and regions around the world. Morii from THE SEVEN was the chief producer for 'Yu Yu Hakusho' and he broke his own record of 'Alice in Borderland' Season 2, which is the second most viewed Japanese content on Netflix," he added.

Last December, THE SEVEN has opened a state-of-the-art soundstage M6 Studio, a large space (approximately 1,000 square meters with a height of 10 meters) to flexibly accommodate various shooting environments, meeting the needs and quality standards of global distribution platforms and film productions. It is equipped with Digital Imaging Technician (DIT) room, enabling the immediate confirmation of recorded video data. "We have also established a high-speed communication infrastructure suitable for the swift transmission of large data. This setup provides an optimal environment for both shooting content intended for global streaming platforms that demand high-end video quality and the subsequent post-production processes," he explained.

Sugai also referred to the benefits of producing in M6 Studios. "We can plan our production schedule easier than finding third party's studio for shooting," he admitted. "Furthermore, there is an expansive open space adjacent to the studio, covering approximately 66,000 square meters, which can be utilized for various purposes. This space allows for the construction of large-scale sets, similar to those used in a TBS's game show 'SASUKE / Ninja Warrior', enabling nighttime shooting in conjunction with the M6 Studio. This flexibility adds to the appeal of the facilities," he added. "The launch of M6 Studios can be a strong influence for Japanese production industry and for the creative industry in general. THE SEVEN is the first studio-style production house and also the first one to have its own sound-stage to film its content at any time for global audience," he concluded.

Recently, THE SEVEN has also forged a strategic partnership with VFX production company Megalis, known for its global talent and cutting-edge technology. This collaboration marks a significant step forward in bolstering the company’s production capabilities.