5 ABR 2021


Through strategies such as diversified and classic title add-ons, dubbed and subtitled content, and social engagement, streamers have also garnered a large young audience between the ages 13-34.


A recent Tubular Labs research report, "New Battlefield: How SVODs Leverage Social Video to Win the Streaming Wars," the total US SVOD viewership time on social video increased by 116% year-over-year in January of this year. The figure presents an advantage for streaming platforms as consumers have become more willing to invest in their services.

The report also found that SVOD services surpassed at younger audience reach on social video with two-thirds of the leading SVOD offers US audiences comprising those 13-34 years old. By contrast, only 54% of audiences for top traditional broadcasters fall into this younger audience group. Netflix has diversified its social video content more than any other SVOD service, adding on longer trailers, special behind-the-scenes content, interviews, clip compilations, and talent snippets.

The researcher analyzed the way in which TV streamers compete for engagement and paid subscriber growth, as well TV programming viewership increases. The data was collected with the use of audience ratings, viewership minutes garnered across Facebook and Youtube, and Tubular's video content measurement system.

The "New Battlefield: How SVODs Leverage Social Video to Win the Streaming Wars" report also reflected the strategy platforms such as Netflix and Disney+ have implemented amid the pandemic, which consists of releasing classic titles. Large SVOD players also used social video to gain international subscribers, as well as dubbed and subtitled content and local channels.