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Content 27 JUL 2022

Gusto TV returns to Canada after an absence of two years and a half

27 JUL 2022
Canadians will be able to see Gusto’s programming in partnership with Samsung TV Plus, followed by a roll-out on multiple Gusto TV streaming platform partners.

Content 19 JUL 2022

Gusto TV expands its global presence after a new deal with LG Channels

19 JUL 2022
The international food channel will be launched in 19 countries offering a culturally diverse lineup that connects emotionally with viewers.

Content 13 JUL 2022

Disney+ Hotstar will offer Gusto TV culinary content in India

13 JUL 2022
With a diverse slate of culinary content, viewers will soon be able to access Gusto TV’s titles via Disney+ Hotstar.

Digital 28 JUN 2022

Gusto TV signs content deal with TiVo+

28 JUN 2022
Tivo customer wills soon have access to Gusto TV's culinary originals.

Content 7 JUN 2022

Gusto TV launches with Cox Media Group in the United States

7 JUN 2022
It will now be accessible through a dedicated linear channel and as a branded block of programming on Cox Media Group’s “Now” Stream.